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In Which I Present My First Book Review

Updated: Mar 26

If you've ever begun a blog, you will know the dilemma I was in a few days ago. What should my first post be? I'm not short on post ideas, but none were good enough for a first post. I don't want to scare my readers off with a first post title like "In Which I Experiment With Chalk" or "In Which Homeschoolers Are Not Hobbits." (Yes, I'm planning on doing both of those posts sooner or later--be on the lookout!) So I'm beginning with something relatively normal: a book review.

One of my favorite books is called Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis. I just finished re-reading this book for about the tenth time and it never ceases to amaze me. It's the author's autobiography. At age eighteen she packs up and moves to Uganda at God's calling, and by the time she's twenty-one, she's started an organization and adopted fourteen Ugandan girls.

for those who haven't read this book:

My favorite thing about this book is Katie's obvious devotion to Jesus. Her selfless ambition to give her life to Him who gave His life for her is truly inspiring. Unlike some other autobiographies I've read, she's not trying to draw attention to herself or her accomplishments, but gives all the credit to God. It's definitely something I would like to see in more biographies.

It's so interesting to be able to see this third-world country through Katie's eyes. She's from a well-to-do family in America, and never dreamed of the horrors happening to the sweet people in Uganda. It's a drastic switch from the environment she was used to, and it opens up an entirely new world for the reader in which the poverty these people live in is so substantial. But over all, it's a beautiful story of adoption (something I'm passionate about anyways) and the miraculous ways in which Jesus' love works. Please pick it up and read it--it's worth every minute.

for those who have read this book:

What were your initial thoughts when you read this book? Did you find it as captivating/inspiring as I did?

One of my favorite parts of this book (oh my goodness, it's so hard to choose!) was God's calling to her to adopt some of her last children. She wanted to say no, but knew that God was asking her to say yes, even through the impossible. This is the kind of obedience that all Christians should strive for!

I've also read the sequel, Daring To Hope. In some ways, the story is even more beautiful because it doesn't always end in the ways that our hearts long for; but God is still faithful. If you liked Kisses from Katie, please read Daring To Hope!

what are your favorite portions of this book? did you enjoy this review? what other book review genres would you like to see?

Toodeloo, friends!

~Lily May

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