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In Which Songs Are Sung

Good day, readers! I do apologize for the hiatus that has been taken with these posts. It's...embarrassing, to be honest. I hope to be more consistent once things slow down this summer.

Today I have some songs to share with you all--songs that have been influential in my faith journey recently. I hope you enjoy!

~Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin

"I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind..."

This song is simply a comfort in every trial that we go through. God is before and behind, and nothing formed against us shall stand. We have the greatest power on our side, and absolutely nothing on earth can combat that. Wow.

~I Wait by All Sons and Daughters

"Oh restless heart, do not grow weary, hold onto faith and wait..."

Let's face it--we're impatient creatures. We demand things out of God way too often when our hearts are impatient for peace, or rest, or assurance. But luckily for us, God doesn't work on our time. His plan is perfect. This song (probably not the last All Sons and Daughters song I'll share) is a reminder that we need to surrender our time to God, and let Him tell us that He won't be late. (Also. It's just beautiful.)

~Control (Acoustic) by Tenth Avenue North

"Only Your love is vital, oh I'm not entitled, but still you call me your child."

I love the line I put above because it's a great reminder of God's amazing grace towards us. We were so far removed from God when we sinned against Him that we didn't deserve to be called His children...but He does anyways. Because He loves us and has redeemed us. And if we're His children, shouldn't we act like it? I don't think the right response is to say "Let go and let God" like a bumper sticker, but we certainly could do with giving God a little more control over our lives. ;)

~Homesick by Coby James

"There's a day when You will make things right, the valley of the shadow filled with light..."

This is a song about heaven. It's not my usual style of worship music, but something about it captivated me. I think all of us can relate to the lyrics...feeling homesick here on earth because we know that "You're where my home is." In heaven. We feel homesick in a broken world because we're in anticipation of the promise God has for Christians of an eternal home. Come, Lord Jesus!

~Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me by CityAlight

"To this I hold, my hope is only Jesus, all the glory evermore to Him! When the race is complete, still my lips shall repeat: Yet not I, but through Christ in me."

A great reminder in our Christian walk is that we don't do a lick of anything on our own. We don't gain our way to heaven. No, Christ through us is our road to salvation, and everything we do centers in His power. This is one of my very favorite songs, and an amazing testimony.

~Called Me Higher by All Sons and Daughters

"I could be safe here in Your arms and never leave home; never let these walls down. But you have called me higher..."

I'll end with probably my current favorite song. As predicted, another one by All Sons and Daughters. If someone asked me what my testimonial song is, this would be my unhesitating answer. It's so much easier to try to not do wrong than to try to do right. But God has undoubtedly called us to higher, better things, and we should "go where You lead me, Lord." Don't give up, because God has given you a purpose for your life. You are living for Him now.

have you heard any of these songs? what were your thoughts? what songs have been encouraging you in your Christian walk recently?

Toodeloo, friends!

~Lily May

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