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In Which Spring Has Come (Spring Joy Photography Tag)

Updated: Apr 29

Even though I just finished a blog tag, I wanted to make one myself. Are photography blog tags a thing? Welp. They are now.

Spring has just arrived, and with it, many gorgeous flowers and other green things. :D I decided to write the questions before I took the pictures, for a few reasons. One, it's more of a challenge for myself because not only am I using my mom's phone and not a camera to take them, but my backyard is the size of a large car. D: Two, it just seemed more fair that way. ;D

Blog tag rules: first, thank the person who tagged you and link back to their site.

Second, take the photos using the prompts!

Third, tag (about) six people and link to their sites.

My nominees (or whoever does this), feel free to change up any of the prompts or rules for yourself or for those whom you tag.

Here are the prompts, and my photos:

Take a photo of...

~something miniature

My sister helped me with this post! I thought the dirt on her hand rather fit the mood...until she told me it was chocolate. XD

~something all green

...let's pretend this counts.

~something with a living creature :)

This is about the only living thing in my yard, other than some other bugs. And birds, but they didn't like being photographed.

~somebody enjoying nature

Lucy, sure that a bird had just dropped something nasty on her head. (It hadn't.)

~something that reminds you of a story (and say what story it reminds you of!)

This cute hedgehog (which looks more like an owl than a hedgehog without its nose) always reminded me of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Beatrix Potter, anybody?

~something non-photogenic

My sister buried a squirrel today, affectionately dubbed Rusty. The grave says D. I. P. (Decompose in Peace) Rusty. XD

~something black & white

"LILY, IT'S A PURPLE HOUSE FINCH!" Kudos to her, I had thought it was a female cardinal. Oops.

~something holding onto winter

This evergreen reminds me of winter. It doesn't belong in spring. DIE, WINTER.

~something sunshiny

I thought one of our two blooming daffodils was screaming, PHOTO ME.

and finally,

~something just plain beautiful ♥

If nothing else says spring, the spring buds on the trees definitely do. :)

Here are my six nominees:

Alayna @Lilac&Ramble

Emily @RootedScribbles

Eliana @RadiantForTheLord

Lily @TheIntrospectiveIntrovert

Allison @AFarmGirl'sLife

Hannah @Books,Espresso,&Jesus

If I didn't tag you, feel free to go ahead and do the tag anyways! (Also, there's a good chance that I didn't tag you simply so that one of these girls can...people kept getting re-tagged last time. XD) If you were tagged but don't do blog tags or would rather pass on this one, no problem! If you didn't get tagged at all, comment below and I can add you to the list. :)

what type of blog tags do you like best? would you liked to be tagged for a blog tag? do you have ideas for future photography tags?

Toodeloo, friends!

~Lily May

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